Functions for the compression of metabolic networks, taken from the efmtool_link package

Functions in this module not meant to be used outside the compression of networks. For a the documentation of the efmtool compression provided by StrainDesign, refer to the networktools module.

Module Contents

straindesign.efmtool.basic_columns_rat(mx, tolerance=0)[source]

efmtool: Translate matrix coefficients to rational numbers


efmtool: Translate rational numbers to sympy rational numbers

straindesign.efmtool.jBigIntegerPair2sympyRat(numer, denom)[source]

efmtool: Translate big integer pair to sympy rational numbers


efmtool: Translate array of arrays to numpy matrix


efmtool: Translate matrix to array of arrays


efmtool: Translate rational numbers to big integer pair